[Limit : 1BOX] [NEW] Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Special Deck Set Charizard VSTAR vs. Rayquaza VMAX [ NOV 4 2022 ]

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Product Contents:
"Charizard VSTAR" deck (60 cards)x1
"Rayquaza VMAX" deck (60 cards)x1
(Due to the nature of constructed decks, there are multiple copies of the same cards in the deck.)
Deck case x 2 (4 dividers)
Pokémon coins x 2
DAMECAN/Marker x 1 sheet
VSTAR marker x 2 pieces
Play Mat x 1 sheet
Player's Guide x 2 sheets
Damecan case x 1
Card box x 1

Country of origin
Acrylic Damekan, Premium Marker, Damekan Case: China.
Other parts: Japan.

Product Company : Pokemon Japan