The following is the information we currently know about upcoming product arrival schedule. 

1.Towering Perfection  S7D  / Sky Stream S7R 


The first lottery sale was held today. The next lottery will be held around the release date. No new entries will be accepted, and those who were not selected in this lottery will be eligible. The number of winners will probably be smaller than this time.

2. Deck Case/Shield and Family Pokemon Card items (Released on 9 JUL)

The Card Supply (Deck Shield, Deck Case, and Damekan Case) and Family Pokémon Card products to be released on July 9 will not be available for pre-order or lottery, these will be sold normally on the day of release.

3. V-UNION items on 20 AUG 

We have been informed by our distributor that there will be a very small allocation for this product as well, so it will definitely be sold by lottery. We will announce it on our blog and Twitter when it gets closer.

4. 25th Anniversary Collection

We have already ordered this product, but as is the case with other products these days, we were not even able to tell them how many we wanted. We have no choice but to receive the number of units allocated to us by the distributor. It will definitely be a lottery sale.

5. Eevee Heroes Restock

So far, we have not received any information about reprint. Not only Eevee Heroes but we have not received any information about the reprint of other products either.