[Information] Upcoming Product Arrival Schedule

[Information] Upcoming Product Arrival Schedule
The following is the information we currently know about upcoming product arrival schedule.

[Next Arrival of Eevee Heroes BOX]

The next small stocks will arrive around June 20th. For now, only about 75 boxes. Hopefully we'll have more but it may be hard...

This additional stock will be sold by lottery again. Last time 2box set but this time we will do it for each box. We will be announcing the date on our blog and social media, please follow us.

[Pre-Order for S7D Towering Perfection / S7R Sky Stream]

As for the Towering Perfection / Sky Stream that will be released in July, we will not be taking pre-orders yet. In order to avoid cancellations, we will be doing a "lottery sales" after the final quantity is confirmed.

Our main distributor told us that the distribution of these products is as tough as or even tougher than Eevee Heroes.

We have ordered more than usual but for now only about 100 boxes each have been confirmed.. Maybe we can increase a little more but again we cannot take much stocks...

The lottery sales will be held 2-3 weeks before the release date.

We apologize for not being able to meet your expectations, and thank you for your understanding.