[Closed] [INFORMATION] Special Card Set V-Union "LOTTERY SALES " IN AUG

[Closed] [INFORMATION] Special Card Set V-Union
(Updated : AUG 20)
Thank you for the many entries.All the lottery have been completed now.We are shipping the products to the winners in order,Please wait for their arrival.

(Updated : AUG 18)
Today, we conducted lottery for the stocks that was cancelled due to non-payment and some additional stocks. We have sent invoices again to the winners. Please check your email including junk box.

(Updated : AUG 16)
Invoices are being sent to the winners in order. Also, please continue to check your email as we will be drawing for additional inventory and redrawing due to unpaid cancellations from today until around the 19th.

Once all winners have been confirmed, we will notify you of the end of this lottery.

(Updated : AUG 16)
Entry closed.Please wait until the lottery is held.

Lottery sale for Special Card Set V-Union 
Release Date : August 20

How to enter

Please fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page. Only one entry per person. The deadline is about 48 hours from now, until the entry form is closed.

The date of Lottery Sales
The Lottery will be held on August 16, and invoices will be sent to the winners in order.

You must have an account in JYW POKECA. Additionally, you need to register a "shipping address" in your account.

Login>My Account>View addresses>Add address

The winning product, price : 


Special Card Set V-Union Mewtwo/Greninja/Zacian
Price : $16.99+ Shipping  Cost ( around $20-25 by DHL)


Applying multiple times with multiple accounts. (This includes family members' names.Only one lottery may be held per shipping address. ) Also, if you apply and win, you cannot cancel. In case of violation, the account will be closed.

Lottery Method
We will conduct a strict lottery. We are sorry but the lottery process will not be open to the public.

Notification of results
The winning account will receive an email with an invoice for the winning item on August 16-19.


Payment must be made within 24 hours of receiving the invoice, otherwise the prize will be cancelled. 

Shipping is DHL only, shipping costs vary by country and will be listed on the invoice. Usually around $20-25. Shipments will be done on "August 20-23".

Updates on the lottery sales will be posted on this page and on our Twiiter account, so please follow us.

Twitter : @JYW_POKECA