[Closed][Information] Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE - NOV 25-28 -

[Closed][Information] Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE - NOV 25-28 -
Thank you always for your purchase.

Our "Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE" is for four days, November 25-28.

As you all know, Pokémon cards are in short supply right now and we don't really have much to sell...We hope that we will soon be fully stocked, as we used to be. We appreciate your understanding of this situation.

1. 10% OFF COUPON 

10% off the price of any purchase over $50, Only once per person.


2. SPECIAL OFFER ITEMS (While Supplies Last)

Special price on the following 2 items!

Dark Phantasma BOX $34.99 >>>$29.99

Pokemon GO BOX $34.99 >>$29.99

***Use coupon to get more 10% OFF!

3. GIVEAWAY (While Supplies Last)

During the sale period, if you buy any of the special offer items (Pokemon GO/Dark Phantasma) , you can get 1x pack of "ParadigmTrigger". (If the stock we have available runs out, it will be other one instead.) Only 1pack per person during the sale period. 

Enjoy our sale!  We look forward to your orders!