[Information] About Promo Cards in our "Towering Perfection / SKY STREAM" Lottery Sales

[Information] About Promo Cards in our
1.Dragon Pokemon V Get Challenge Campaign

We are shipping promo cards to all winners as per the campaign rules.


1x Promo Pack per purchase of 10pack (3x Promo Packs per 1xBOX)

We ship "6x Promo Packs per 2xBOX" to ALL WINNERS.

2. "Pokémon GO" 5th Anniversary Collaboration Campaign

As this campaign is applied to physical stores first, we were able to get only 61 cards.

Therefore, out of the 110 winners from the first lottry sales, 61 winners were randomly selected to receive this promo card. This was chosen randomly, not in the order they paid. Thank you for your understanding.

**If you unfortunately did not receive this promo this time, please consider that we are planning to sell the inventory we bought from consumers in near future.